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Asset Ascenders

Financial Services

It helps in saving time and cost on part of company and external auditor, resulting in well

planned and systematic conduct

Pre-Audit Services

Pre-audit services involves overseeing preparation of financial statements and sorting related data, documents and records before actual start of external audit. Our experience with clients from various sectors helped us in developing sound expertise and we understand what your external auditor actually needs. It helps in saving time and cost on part of company and external auditor, resulting in well planned and systematic conduct of audit. Our pre-audit services includes but not limited to the following:

  • Review and testing of internal controls 
  • Preparation of Financial statements, related notes and supplementary information (if any) in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework 
  • Fixed asset register as per TR-6 including calculation of depreciation 
  • Bank reconciliations and control account reconciliations 
  • Receivables listing and provisioning of account receivables 
  • Accrued liabilities including payroll liabilities and calculation of final settlement of employees as company policies 
  • Recognition of revenue and posting of journal entries as per IFRS 15 
  • Classification of expenses

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping services relates to recording of financial transactions, maintaining records and providing strategic financial advice to Board of Directors as and when needed. We use different accounting softwares customized according to client specific needs to meet their reporting requirements. Our Services include:

  • Recording day to day transactions
  • Preparing monthly financial management reports
  • Monthly payroll processing and disbursement
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Updating bank ledger with bank statement
  • Inventory management
  • Managing account receivables, account payables and working capital 
  • Maintenance of statutory records to ensure regulatory compliances 
  • Preparation of customized reports to assist management in decision making process 
  • Financial reporting closure process 
  • Managing fixed assets and updating additions and disposals 
  • Updating equity accounts 
  • Ratio and variance analysis with annual budget 
  • Tracking of Key Performance Indicators
  • Tax planning 
  • Expenses Management 
  • Business growth and expansion plan analysis

Internal Audit Services

Internal audit is used as a vital instrument for monitoring management strategic goals and objectives and to identify anomalies and suggest improvements in operational processes and functions for structured growth of organization. We, at Asset Ascenders, use systemized and innovative audit methodologies for assisting clients in performance of their internal audit activities. Our work methodology includes performing a thorough risk assessment along with analytical reviews, internal controls and substantive testing. Our observations, findings and recommendations assists our clients in developing better control environment, internal controls and monitoring of controls. We offer following internal audit services:

  • Reviewing regulatory and taxation compliances 
  • Reviewing compliance with organizational manual, policies and procedures 
  • Outsourcing internal audit department 
  • Charting hierarchy along with manuals, SOPs, policies & procedures for various functions & departments 
  • Reviewing flow of operations including non-financial activities 
  • Evaluating key roles and duties for effective governance structure 
  • Helping organization in building cost effective business units 
  • Monitoring implementation of strategic decisions 
  • Linkage of risks and deficiencies in internal controls to organization strategic objectives 
  • Providing internal audit reports to Board of Directors, committees and other stakeholders

Accounting System Implementation & Integration

At Asset Ascenders, we have IT experts with years of experience in industry who can help you in smooth, timely and efficient implementation or up gradation of accounting system. We ensure that your existing accounting records are in good hands and new system is properly implemented without any loss of data. We suggest you best cost effective solution tailored to meet your requirements. Right accounting software will streamline processes and achieve organizational goals. Our services include:

  • Selection and customization of appropriate accounting software including tailored enhancements 
  • Uploading and conversion of manual accountancy records on selected software 
  • Setting milestones and determining resources required for successful implementation 
  • Integration of data into new accounting software 
  • Automated data import / export 
  • Custom reports designed to meet client specific needs 
  • Integration with third party apps i.e. e-commerce store, human resource management system, POS etc. 
  • Training of client staff before going live for improved employee performance 
  • Software hosting and remote application support

Temporary Staff Deployment

We have network of professionally trained and competent staff who can assist our clients in wrapping up year end books of accounts, executing day to day operations and performing IT related tasks resulting in better productivity and improved efficiency. We can deploy following staff at your premises:

  • Chief Financial Office
    Accountant / Accounts Receivable – Accounts Payable Executive / GL Accountant 
  • Payroll Specialist 
  • Inventory Specialist 
  • Procurement Manager 
  • Human Resource Manager 
  • Admin Manager 
  • Cyber Security Analyst 
  • IT Manager / Specialist 
  • Networking Engineer

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